Around You

Good news, your favourite virtual globe Marble now is your virtual explorer!

In parallel with the world domination plan, Dennis is porting Marble to Plasma Active and as my Season of KDE project, I am trying to help him as much as I can. To help users to find the places around them, I created Explore activity, an activity that displays popular places on the map and allows you to get additional information about these places. It uses Foursquare’s rich venue data powered by its users. Here is a screencast about it:

You can test it out by downloading and compiling Marble’s git branch sok-2012-plasma-active. Any suggestions? Write a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Around You

  1. Looks great. Love the way clicking on the icon expands to show the name. It’s also looking pretty snappy.

    One suggestion: Use that big area of whitespace in the left column, under the address, to display photos at it’s full width. If there are more photos than can be shown in the space, show a small down arrow at the bottom and allow vertical scrolling, rather than just have a single row, way down the bottom, that forces users to discover sideways scrolling and uses only small thumbnails.

    Another nice small touch, would be making the images fade or scroll in when loaded rather than “popping” in from nowhere.

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